16 Jan

Last clinic

Today we travelled to another new village for us. It was called Mollagunta. The people welcomed us with fireworks and a band. They were really pleased to see us and so grateful for the clinic.

This was an extremely poor village with no water. They have to travel four miles every day for clean water. Read More

14 Jan

Sunday at IREF

An early 7.30am start this morning at the Krishna River for the baptisms of young people who have become Christians at this week’s conference. It was lovely to see them take this step of commitment on a warm, misty morning as the sun came up. Read More

13 Jan

Silver jubilee

We had the final clinic in Repalle this morning. We have seen 641 people in total and 207 teeth have been extracted! We will go out to villages next week and do clinics there.

Today has been a very special and very busy day at IREF as the degree college is 25 years old. There was a big silver jubilee celebration with dancers, singers, food and many former students coming back to share what they are doing now and receive awards (some of them remembered Jason taking their teeth out when they were very young!). Read More

12 Jan

Clinic and evangelistic march

Today we saw young people and adults in the medical clinic. All the younger children have now been seen.

It was another busy day with most adults queuing up to see Stewart, our optician. Glasses are very sought after and make a massive difference to people’s lives. Read More

11 Jan

Our oldest patient

Today’s clinic was busy, but particularly special, as we treated all the Ullipallem CDC kids and some adults from that village. We were able to remind them of the link with our own church and that we pray for them. Read More

09 Jan

Clinic day 2

Another really busy day in the clinic with almost 150 children coming through. The team worked really hard and were able to ease the pain of many of them.

The tents are being set up as the big evangelical youth conference starts tomorrow night. Read More

08 Jan

Clinic day 1

The day started with Lindsey and Lynn speaking at morning assembly at the school then the clinic was set up.

We saw almost 100 children this afternoon, many of whom received treatment unavailable to them otherwise. Everything ran smoothly. Read More

07 Jan

What a welcome!

We have arrived safely in Repalle!! The young people were all lined up and welcomed us with rose petals, fireworks and garlands. So lovely to see their excitement!

We are hoping for a good sleep tonight before we start in the clinic in the morning. Read More