Clinic and evangelistic march

Today we saw young people and adults in the medical clinic. All the younger children have now been seen.

It was another busy day with most adults queuing up to see Stewart, our optician. Glasses are very sought after and make a massive difference to people’s lives.

Our Ullipallem Bible Lady came through the clinic and we passed on greetings from our church.

Late afternoon consisted of an evangelistic march through the town and advertising the youth conference.

At the end of the evening meeting Emmanuel gave a call and over 50 young people came for prayer.

Please pray for the last of our Repalle clinics tomorrow when we will open to any adults seeking help. Pray also for young people who will be baptised after committing their lives at the conference.

Pray for members of our team as they continue to interact with the children in the playground and also as they share their testimony in meetings. Lindsey is scheduled to do this in church on Sunday.