Day 3 in Repalle

We worked in the clinic this morning treating 7th and 8th class. (119 patients came through the clinic!) There was not so much dental treatment as these kids are older and taking care of their teeth a bit more. The nurses being trained in the IREF nursing school are assisting us and it’s humbling to witness their work ethic, respect and care for their peers. They are a wonderful group of young women. 

After a late lunch, Dee Rebba very kindly took us to ‘Downtown Repalle’ for shopping. The women all bought saris to wear to church on Sunday. We spent hours admiring all the vibrant colours! A girl’s dream shop! It was good for us to see Repalle centre and sense the life of people here. IREF is literally an oasis and sanctuary for so many in this region.

The evening meeting included drama, which was making the hundreds of young people laugh in the audience….wish we could understand Telagu!! The choir provided fantastic music and the word was preached very powerfully. Many young people committed their lives to God and we will have the privilege of seeing most of them baptised tomorrow in the river.

Keep praying for the clinics and for energy for the team. We are all quite tired. Pray for the children who have received treatment: that they will be experiencing relief.

Pray for the pastors as they preach through a translator :that their words will be clear and used by God.

Pray for peace for those who will be baptised tomorrow.