Deacons election in 2015

We are holding a Deacons’ election over the next few months.

Anyone in the fellowship who is over 21 and has been a member for more than three years can self-nominate. The list of names then goes to every member and those with more than 50% of returned votes, up to a maximum of three candidates, will be appointed to serve as deacons.

We would hope all would give this process thought and prayerful consideration. Deacons are not special, they are simply committed to serve. Deacons are not perfect, they are simply willing to help lead the ministries of Airdrie Baptist as part of a team and with God’s guidance.

The process will kick off on Sunday 11th January and the time table is as follows:

1 February 2015: self-nomination letter given out

1 March 2015: deadline for returned nomination papers

15 March 2015: ballot paper given to all members

29 March 2015: deadline for returned ballot papers

5 April 2015: results announced

Here’s a short introduction to what being a deacon involves.