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Kids @ ABC

Sundays, during Morning Service

Airdrie Baptist Church’s Sunday school, Kids @ ABC, takes place during the Sunday morning service. The children sit at the front of the church and head through to the hall after the children’s message.

We begin with prayer time and a few games before sitting down to hear the message prepared by one of our leaders. The message is followed by a craft and some more games or music.

There are trips at the start of each session and just before Christmas.  We are involved in special church services at Christmas and Easter where the children prepare a small performance for the congregation.

Kids @ ABC coincides with the dates and holidays of the local schools, starting late August and finishing late June for the school holidays. A Children’s Holiday Club usually runs for the first week of the summer holidays and is followed by Summer Sunday School for the remainder of the break.

Contact: Vanessa Telfer

Bible Class

Sundays, during Morning Service

Young people from S1 -S6 are welcome to join us in Bible Class which runs every Sunday during the morning service. The group seeks to help young people engage with the Bible and help them recognise and understand the relevance that God’s word has for their lives in the world today.

We as leaders want to equip young people to not just know the answers to questions about what they believe, but to know why they believe it.

In addition, we aim to provide a safe place for young people to have fun and develop a deeper relationship with other young Christians.

Contact: Kirsty Lee

ABC Toddler Groups

Mondays, 10am

There are different topics each week, including painting and music. Everyone is welcome; Mums, Dads, Grandparents and Carers.

It runs to the same term time as the local schools.

At the end of the term the children all receive a Christian book.

Contact: Margaret Moore

Ladies Prayer Group

Wednesdays, 10am

This group meets faithfully every Wednesday morning. It has been a part of the church life for many years and the ladies have seen many answers to prayer.

JAM (Jesus and Me)

Thursdays, 7pm

This group is open to children of Primary School age. They are split into groups according to their age. They work through a series of books and have to learn Bible verses from their handbooks. They also sing songs and play games.

When the children are able to recite their learned bible verses to a ‘listener’, they receive a ‘share’. The children save these up over the year and can redeem them at the ‘End of the Year’ share party. They can buy all sorts of things – toys, pads, pens and books.

There is a story telling time and people are invited along to speak to the children.

Contact: Robert and Eleanor Hepburn (01236 755101)

Youth Fellowship

Fridays, 7.30pm

The Youth Fellowship is for young people in S1 upwards. We enjoy playing games like table tennis, we have a tuckshop and sometimes make crafts, cards and cakes! We also have a time each night to learn more about Christianity.

Contact: Dawn Arnott (01236 607192)