IREF update 4

Liz Callander

Dear all

It certainly was quite a Saturday.

The clinic saw over 180 people with adults fighting to get in to both the clinic and to see the optician who saw over 120 people!

50-60 people were baptised in the River Krishna and it was a good chance to see village life by and on the river.

Saturday night was the final crusade with the field packed with thousands of people. We had some noisy competition from the local Hindu temple, but nothing significant. Several hundred people came forward with the appeal. It is always hard to tell how many go forward making a new decision to follow Christ as some do want prayer and others for reasons unknown.

Regardless of all, Christ was present and working his purpose out. The meeting finished at midnight.

Sunday, they say, is day of rest

Following a long 30 minute lie in – bliss – we headed for church at 9.30 having got looks of disapproval from the girls if we had decided not to wear a sari. Those who did were subjected to at least 30 minutes of dressing and sari adjustments before being allowed out of the door.

There is only one service at Repalle; today it started at 9.30 and eventually we were out at 2pm – honestly.

We had music, singing, testimonies and more testimonies, communion, sermon all various in frequency and length.

The usual group photo followed with all 3,000 at church posing for the photo. Traffic was stopped in the road so that we got a clear shot of all.

A Sunday nap was in order for some. We had a telephone link up with Airdrie Baptist Church during their morning service but couldn’t Skype as we had hoped as links were poor.

We then had a wander round the boys and girls dorms and it was good to see there has been significant reduction in overcrowding with the building of the new girls’ dorms. Younger girls now have 20 to a room instead of 40 and older girls 10.

Paint crew have made a huge difference to the boys dorms which were a bit in need…serious need.

Practical exams are on for some of the students on Monday who have asked for prayer for that.

Dee has been very unwell and although now a little improved is still very much in need of prayer.

15 more were baptised today so please remember them.

All the villagers have returned home – please pray that what they have heard and learned this week will stay with them and that they will be enabled to share with their friends and family.

Just a Sunday in Repalle for the team but one so different from home.

All feeling much better and off to Church dedication on Monday. It’s 3 hours away…hey ho!

Greetings from all in Repalle