It’s all over

Our last day in Repalle has been an emotional one. We went to the nursing college devotions this morning and had a little farewell with the nurses who helped us in every clinic. We made strong bonds with these girls and it was so hard to say goodbye. They pleaded with us to remember them in prayer. They are such caring, faithful girls who rely on God to guide their future.

This afternoon we had a dedication service for the new IREF old people’s home. It was great to see a vision that was had a long time ago being realised. Jason and Jim helped cut the ribbon!

At 7pm, we will leave to catch the overnight train to Chennai then we have an overnight stay there before flying home!

Please pray for the nursing students: Divya, Karishima, Sudjata and Neelima (to name but a few!). Pray that they will pass exams, find jobs and that they will be married to good men.

Pray also for the old people who will be cared for in the new home. Pray for those who will care for them too.

Lastly, pray for us as we travel home. It’s a long journey! Pray for safety and health. We’ll see you when we get back and pray for patience for yourselves as we bore you with all our stories and photos.