Last full day

Message from Lynn Leitch

Today we had a lot of celebration for the birthday of our youngest team member, Johnny Shaw, who was 17. The nurses spent a lot of time decorating the place and he had 2 cakes as well as lots of versions of the ‘Happy Birthday’ song. He will never forget this birthday in India!

We drove to another IREF church to dedicate the new building. Much like yesterday, the whole village turned out to celebrate and we were given a very ‘hearty welcome’. These churches truly are the centre of the villages and will reach out to the community in many ways.

Tonight we had a lovely, but sad, farewell and thanksgiving service in the orphanage campus. Everyone gathered and we were presented with gifts and got to say a few words to the children. It will be hard to leave them as we have made very strong bonds with them.

We have done some packing and are beginning to prepare for leaving tomorrow evening.

Please pray for the new church we visited today. Pray that the pastor will be equipped to be everything he needs to be for that congregation. Pray that men, women and children will find the truth there as well as have their many physical needs met.

Pray for the team as we pack and get ready to come home.