Men’s breakfast

Saturday 9 March 2013, 9am

Our very special guest at this breakfast will be Jim McFarlane – President of Scottish Baptist Lay Preachers Association.

Jim was born in Fraserburgh and was in his early years brought up in Foundry Boys and Shettleston Baptist Church.

Following his marriage to June, he served as Secretary at Linwood Baptist Church for over 20 years, and as interim moderator to a number of Scottish Baptist churches, a role he still undertakes.

With over 25 years of preaching experience in a number of Scottish Baptist and evangelical churches, Jim is now in membership at Kirkintilloch Baptist Church.

He followed in the presidential footsteps of his sister who served as President of the Scottish Baptist Women’s Fellowship, when, in 2008, he became President of the Lay Preachers’ Association!

Jim’s role, amongst other things, as President, involves providing spiritual oversight, giving strategic direction and chairing meetings of the Committee.

We very much look forward to hearing what Jim has to say to us and how God is working in his life.