Pastor's health update

I’m not sure I was very clear when attempting to give my update a week past on Sunday. I think those present would have seen my feelings more clearly than my progress itself. I was keen therefore, just to clarify where we are with things in the news sheet today.

I’ve now finished my 10th session of chemotherapy and, God willing, have another three to complete. Though I will never be given the all-clear, the progress has been so good that it was almost impossible to see any tumour in my last scan. The next scan is on 2 March 2012.

I should finish my treatment early in May and the expectation is that my energy levels will pick up fairly quickly after that.

My oncologist is optimistic about the prospect of a significant number of years before we need to think about any further treatment, and we are praying – as has been the case already – that such expectations will be surpassed.

We cannot thank you enough for your continued love, support and prayers.

Ross Murphy