Ross’ treatment plan

Thank you for all of your love, encouragement, support and prayers.

My treatment will begin on Wednesday 19 November 2014. God-willing I’ll have one week on, three weeks off, for nine months. Once the nine months of chemotherapy has finished, I’ll have six weeks (five days a week) radiotherapy.

We’re so thankful for all who have expressed a desire to pray for us, I’ve listed some prayer points below:

Pray for my bloods and my liver

The chemotherapy I had last time has left me with some damage to the liver and my bloods haven’t really recovered over the past two and a half years either. Both are functioning well enough to start the treatment, but it’s important they don’t deteriorate significantly if I’m to get the full dose of chemo to the planned timescale. Please pray for no further deterioration or damage.

Response to the chemo

I had a great response to chemotherapy last time round, there is no guarantee this will be the case this time, but my oncologist is upbeat about the prospects. Please pray for a good response again, and for the radiotherapy to really have a lasting impact on any cancerous cells left behind.

Family and Church

Please pray for my family and the Church family as we negotiate our way through this next year and plan for what lies beyond. Pray particularly for Deborah, Katie and Grace.

Thanks again for all your love support and prayers which mean so much to us all

Resting in His faithfulness


Lam 3:21-32