Silver jubilee

We had the final clinic in Repalle this morning. We have seen 641 people in total and 207 teeth have been extracted! We will go out to villages next week and do clinics there.

Today has been a very special and very busy day at IREF as the degree college is 25 years old. There was a big silver jubilee celebration with dancers, singers, food and many former students coming back to share what they are doing now and receive awards (some of them remembered Jason taking their teeth out when they were very young!).

It was amazing to hear stories of people who were in IREF from 5 years old to gaining a degree and who are now teachers, engineers and doctors. There was one woman who even has a PhD now.

They all expressed gratitude for the opportunities IREF gave them when they had literally nobody and nothing in the world. It was a privilege to be here for this very special event, even if it was 5.5 hours long!!!! Nobody does a celebration quite like India!

Tonight was the last night of the youth conference with powerful preaching from Emmanuel and many young people who have become Christians will be baptised in the river at 7.30am tomorrow.

Pray for all the young people who have decided to become Christians and for their baptisms. Pray for the college and that God will continue to bless the work done there for many more years to come. Pray for us as we organise clinic resources and prepare to go out on the road next week.