Sunday evening changes

Please remember to pray for the new evening services which will begin in October – just a fortnight’s time.

Next week I’ll write a much fuller article to accompany the newsletter reminding us what these changes are, why we’re making them and how we’re going to proceed in more detail, but let’s start praying in earnest now.

Here are the planned changes in brief:

First Sunday of the Month

Toddler Service
3.30 – 5pm

Our Monday and Tuesday toddler groups offer us great contact not only with the toddlers themselves, but with their families. Many of these families have little or no other church connection.

We’ve trialled short afternoon toddler services for Christmas over the past two years and found that the parents, grandparents and children really enjoyed them. Many came. Nearly all stayed for food at the end of the service. Pray that our monthly service would receive a similar response and bring lasting fruit.

Second Sunday of the Month

Evening Service

Third Sunday of the Month

Youth Emphasis Service

We have a small group of excellent young people in our bible class, and a larger group of teenagers (many with no other church connection) in our YF. These evening services will not be radically different to our traditional ones, but we will try to engage with our young people in a way more likely to connect with them.

Our youth emphasis services will not just be for young people, though they are the focus, so come along – encourage the young people, come alongside them, rejoice that they’re in the church and hearing the Gospel. And pray!

Fourth Sunday of the Month

Evening service

Fifth Sunday of the Month: (when applicable)

Young Adults Service / Event

We are very thankful for young adults we have. The 20’s / 30’s have been meeting socially over the past year and have shown themselves more than capable of organising successful and beneficial ventures!

On the fifth Sunday of the month, we’re going to equip and empower them to facilitate an outreach service which they would feel comfortable inviting their friends to. That’s not, of course, to say that young adults can’t invite their peers to a traditional service, but there is certainly scope for us to think a little more creatively for what is probably the toughest demographic to reach with the Gospel in our society.

None of this is an exercise in exclusion – come to these special services. Come and serve. Come and encourage. Come and pray. This is an opportunity for you to make a difference, to be a blessing, to bear fruit which will last.

Yours in His service,