04 Feb

Believe and be baptised

The volunteers in India had the privilege of attending a Baptismal service today. Many recent converts took the step to publicly profess their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Please pray for them as they grow in their Christian lives.








04 Feb

Another day in Repalle

Another day in Repalle and almost all the children have been for their check ups. Jim Leitch continues to keep himself busy making sure the clinic and utensils are fit for purpose.

Elsewhere there was a sizeable queue for the opticians, while there was also a chance to use the on-site laundry service.





04 Feb

IREF Update 3

Liz Callander

It’s hard to believe its Saturday in Repalle and the end of the first week.

The meeting last night saw the field so full people were standing on the road and around 600 went forward.

The bugs were equally prevalent – you just can’t imagine it!!!

Today we see the adults college students and villagers – very challenging….especially as we are so limited to what we can do.

Please pray for health of the team and children. There has been a viral bug going around and several children and Dee have been affected by it. High fever symptoms.

The team are ok in that respect but a few have had upset stomachs – Airdrie group are well.

Baptisms later today and then the final crusade meeting. Photos to follow.

Praise God for his protection and blessing.

In His name


03 Feb

Another night, another meeting

Open meetings will be happening each night during the IREF 2012 trip. Once again, many thousands of people came to hear the Word of God preached.

There was a call at the end of the meeting, to which many responded.

Please pray for those who went forward to commit their lives to Christ, and for those who remained where they were but heard the Gospel.





02 Feb

Clinics continue

Clinics have continued today in earnest. As well as medical and dental check ups, there is also an on-site eye clinic. One of IREF’s evangelists snagged himself a new pair of specs which will certainly help him and his work in India.

Elsewhere, the girls of Class 7 got to sample the delights of the Post-Op recovery area, with 45 having been assessed.

There was also the opportunity for Nursing students to put their studies into practice as they ably assisted in taking height and weight measurements.

All in all, a busy couple of days.






02 Feb

IREF update 2

Liz Callander

Dear All

Greetings from Repalle.

We arrived in Repalle on Tuesday morning at 7.30am following a unique train experience for most people. Let’s just say it’s not Scotrail though trains do tend to be on time.

We were met by children from IREF and welcomed with fireworks and garlands.

Following breakfast we headed to the school to set up the clinic and, no slacking allowed, saw classes 1 and 2 – 60 kids in total who were fairly healthy but with quite a few skin and dental problems.

No sooner had the clinic finish than we left for the 30 minute drive to Ullipalem. It was the 10th anniversary of ground breaking to build a church there.

The church, pastor and bible lady are supported by Airdrie Baptist Church and the child development centre is supported through sponsorship by people across the UK. It was good to be part of that service of celebration.

It was a very long couple of days with a lot of things achieved; we were glad of a good nights sleep.

There are 28 in the team (8 from the UK – all medical – and a doctor and 3 other nurses / health professionals from USA. There are also 4 Pastors and a few others who will be preaching and teaching children during meetings, as well as a painting group who are painting the boys dorm.

Wednesday saw us see 120 kids in the clinic, with a few issues that we’re trying to get advice on from medical staff in the USA courtesy of internet.

Tonight saw the start of the evangelistic meetings where around 3,000+ attended with more over the rest of the week. There were also several thousand insects!!! But hey that’s rural India for you…

Meetings started about 7pm, and we arrived around 8pm. Three sermons followed in English (then translated into Telegu) – these are not short sermons or meetings. Emmanuel made an appeal to see 300-400 people go forward. That was a real answer to prayer. Many people were prayed for and there was a real moving of God’s spirit in the meeting. We finished around 11pm.

Earlier in the day there had been visits from the police with a real concern that the pastors may not be allowed to preach on a tourist visa. Through a process things were sorted out but we are mindful of tightening procedures and Satan’s opposition in this country.

So far now on Thursday we have seen around 250 kids in the clinic and it is going well.

The plan is to finish seeing the children, then see evangelists, pastors and college students this week on Saturday.

Prayer Points

  • Please pray for health and strengh of the team -some are feeling a bit under par and most are still very tired.
  • Remember the pastors preaching tonight that they may speak with boldness and for all who will attend.
  • Pray for God’s protection in this situation that they will be covered by His grace and care.
  • Praise God for all that He is and will do here in this place.


02 Feb

Gospel meetings

The first Gospel meeting since the group’s arrival was last night. Thousands of people attended and hundreds came forward for prayer. The evening consisted of three sermons.

The local police also popped along to one of the clinics to find out more.





01 Feb


Clinics are now underway. During session one, some 61 children were seen, with 67 extractions required.

The first group were from classes 1-3 (equivalent of P1-P3).

A couple of the boys let curiosity get the better of them and sneaked a peak…bet they wish they hadn’t!

Clinics will continue throughout the day.





31 Jan

Ready to roll

The clinic is now set up and ready for (pro-bono) business. Tuition has also been provided for non-medically trained personnel. Clinics will start shortly.

There was also a chance to visit the Church in Ullipalem. 10 years on from ground-breaking, the church is now full and a new Pastor is in place.







31 Jan

A hearty welcome

Our intrepid travellers have now arrived in Repalle. Having survived a journey on the train, with all the facilities it offered, they arrived at 6am to a hearty welcome at IREF.

The team were presented with colourful flowers garlands / malas (it remains to be seen if Jim Leitch will bring his to church on his return) and Emmanuel prayed for them as they arrived.

The children of IREF were also there to greet the volunteers. They will all receive medical and dental check ups over the coming weeks…let the work commence!








30 Jan


The USA contingent of volunteers has now arrived and the group of 25 have been spending some time in Chennai before heading for Repalle.

They spent time at the Indian Ocean and viewing some local Hindu Temples, Hinduism being the largest religion in India.

Pray for the volunteers as they travel the 480km to Repalle and as they prepare to start their work.



29 Jan

IREF Update 1

Liz Callander

Dear all

Arrived safely after good flights via Dubai to get here at 8.30am. Praise God all our baggage arrived safely which, as ever, was no mean feat.

Dee, Christie and Jonny had travelled down fom Repalle to meet us and it was lovely to catch up with them again.

Hot and sunny at a pleasant 30C, it was an easy ride from the airport to the YMCA as the roads were just a little quieter being a Sunday – it made it just a little easier to get around.

After a couple of hours we headed via yellow toot toot to visit the ever faithful Spencer Mall – not surprisingly we were very tight on what we could bring in way of food and a few essentials were required to keep a couple of people going.

The USA team arrive in at 11.30pm tonight (17 of them taking us to a team of 25 in total). The bus with 4 of the IREF boys will take all the luggage and drive overnight to Repalle over about 6 hours – please remember them tonight.

We have the day in Chennai on Monday – enough time to do a little sightseeing, maybe up to St Thomas mount or more shopping.

We take the overnight train to Repalle on Monday night, so please pray for that element of the journey. We should reach Repalle around 9am on Tuesday.

I’ll let Jim Leitch, on his first trip, sum up his first impression: the sultry heat, friendliness of the team and the warmth in the welcome fom Dee, Christie and Jonny and, surprise surprise, Jason’s organisation…

Night night from us all and a scotch pie wouldn’t go amiss!

Best wishes

From us all India 2012 UK team.


29 Jan

Caught short

Not content with his “Clinician of the Year” title, Jason Leitch has now added “Tuk Tuk driver” to his CV.

On the way back to the guest house following a tour, their Rickshaw ran out of petrol. Being a trustworthy bunch, the owner left them in charge while he went to “find” some more.

All in all, an interesting first day!



29 Jan


Our intrepid travellers have now touched down in India. Unconfirmed reports that the weather may be ‘a wee bit better than Scotland’.

The group will now continue their journey to Repalle where they will provide medical care for those based at IREF.