23 Nov

Ode to the Church

by David Mathis (Desiring God Blog)
Taken from the intimation sheet: 
23 November 2014

There she stands in splendour, secure on the arm of her Father, adorned in brilliant white for her husband. The music sounds and beckons their short passage down the aisle. Read More

12 Oct

How to pray for your Church

Taken from the intimation sheet: 12 October 2014

We recently looked at 10 Ways a Church Family can love one another, top of the list was ‘Pray’. How should we pray for one another? How should we pray for our Church? This week Erik Raymond of Ligonier Ministries, answers that question in 5 simple points. Why not take one for each day this week, Monday to Friday? Read More

09 Feb

Sunday in Repalle

Message from Lynn Leitch

This morning we went to church about 10.30. The service actually started for the Indians at 9am but we were excused from the start. It finished at 1pm!! We’ve been very humbled by how long people (including 5 year old children) sit and listen to God’s word.

Everyone who was baptised yesterday received a Bible at the service and Jason helped present some of these, which was lovely. Jason and Jim also helped serve communion… a major operation!! We also met the Bible lady from Ullipallem, who had travelled to be at the service. We were able to tell her again about the bond between our fellowships.

After lunch, we tried to link up with you but, as you know, it wasn’t too successful! We were so disappointed! It was lovely, at least, to hear our kids say hello.

Tonight, the children and young people in the orphanage had a service of thanksgiving for this week’s meetings. Many of them shared what they had learned. One girl told how she is from a very high caste Hindu family but she became a Christian and was baptised. Her family are very unhappy but she says she is happier than she has ever been. Please pray for her future.

Tomorrow, we are taking the clinic to one of the new Child Development Centres where there are about 80-100 kids. We need to do this in the evening as they only attend the CDC after school. Pray for safe travel there and a smooth clinic. These children will have had little to no healthcare before!



27 Feb


Next week we will begin our journey through the Bible together using the E100 resource. This resource takes us through some of the key passages of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. Each week has five readings, and the course lasts for 20 weeks.

Our evening services will be looking at one or more of the readings for the week. Next Sunday evening (4 March), Ross will be preaching on ‘In the Beginning’.

Let’s remember to pray for one another as we commit to this Bible reading plan as a church fellowship.


4 March ‘In the Beginning’ – Ross
11 March ‘Abraham, Isaac and Jacob’ – Richard
18 March ‘The Story of Joseph’ – David
25 March ‘Moses and the Exodus’ – Billy

08 Feb

Revisiting Pedalanka

As well as attending a Ground Breaking Ceremony, the team also visited a Church that had been opened 6 years earlier during one of their trips at Pedalanka.

The team managed to resist buying one of the multi-coloured birds for sale by the side of the road after the visit.




05 Feb

Sunday at IREF

Sunday started with a trip to Church…a 4.5hr trip to church! Afterwards, the congregation of 3000 posed outside for a photograph…stopping the traffic in the process.

Following this, the volunteers got to tour the Degree College at IREF with the College Principal, Ratna Prasad. They met Physics students who were preparing for an exam tomorrow.

Evening devotions were led by our very own Jim Leitch…a captive audience of a mere 1000 people!










05 Feb

Church in Repalle

This morning the group of volunteers attended the Church in Repalle that has close links with Airdrie Baptist.

With a 9am start, the congregation was still in full voice singing at 11am.

The volunteers will be called during the morning service at Airdrie Baptist; come along and hear from them at 11am.






31 Jan

Ready to roll

The clinic is now set up and ready for (pro-bono) business. Tuition has also been provided for non-medically trained personnel. Clinics will start shortly.

There was also a chance to visit the Church in Ullipalem. 10 years on from ground-breaking, the church is now full and a new Pastor is in place.