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IREF 2020

We currently have a group from the Church serving with other volunteers at IREF in India.

Every two years, an international group visit to provide medical check ups to those who stay there. They also participate in a week-long mission and provide clinics in the local area.

You can keep up to date with the trip on our Facebook page.

Please remember the group in your prayers during their two week visit.

Last full day

Last full day

Message from Lynn Leitch

Today we had a lot of celebration for the birthday of our youngest team member, Johnny Shaw, who was 17. The nurses spent a lot of time decorating the place and he had 2 cakes as well as lots of versions of the ‘Happy Birthday’ song. He will never forget this birthday in India!

We drove to another IREF church to dedicate the new building. Much like yesterday, the whole village turned out to celebrate and we were given a very ‘hearty welcome’. These churches truly are the centre of the villages and will reach out to the community in many ways.

Tonight we had a lovely, but sad, farewell and thanksgiving service in the orphanage campus. Everyone gathered and we were presented with gifts and got to say a few words to the children. It will be hard to leave them as we have made very strong bonds with them.

We have done some packing and are beginning to prepare for leaving tomorrow evening.

Please pray for the new church we visited today. Pray that the pastor will be equipped to be everything he needs to be for that congregation. Pray that men, women and children will find the truth there as well as have their many physical needs met.

Pray for the team as we pack and get ready to come home.












The end of the gospel meetings

The end of the gospel meetings

Message from Lynn Leitch

Today, we witnessed 40 baptisms in the Krishna River! This was a little different from the ABC tank, with boats, buffalo and fishermen in the background!! The sun was just going down and crowds gathered to watch. What a public witness!

Tonight was the final night of the gospel meetings. Jason shared his testimony and there were 3 sermons as usual. Hundreds of people heard and responded to the message!

Tomorrow, we will attend the Repalle church… a 3-4 hour service! Hopefully, we will be able to speak to you in person during your morning service??

Please continue to pray for the people who have become Christians. This is not an easy decision in this culture. Pray that there will be support around them and that they will see growth in their lives.

Pray also for the children here… such beautiful kids who have the biggest smiles and welcoming hearts. We are loving spending time with them! Pray that they will see God’s love through us. We certainly see it in some of them.

Pray for 10th class (14 years old) as they are studying for a big exam on 27 March. They are constantly studying in the playground and ask for prayer as you pass them.

Pray for those who have received treatment and medication in the clinic. Pray that they will continue to get well and that our input will make a difference to them.



















Clinics coming to a close

Clinics coming to a close

Message from Lynn Leitch

Tonight is the last night of the gospel meetings! There are literally hundreds of people. There is a sea of colour as far as the eye can see. People sit on the ground for hours to listen to the preaching. Hundreds of people came forward last night in response to the message. An answer to prayer!

Our clinic was a little different today as we treated adults. Some of these were villagers who have travelled a long way to attend the meetings. When they realise there is a clinic, there is a rush to the door. This is difficult… both to control and to witness the vast need! We did what we could and will see more tomorrow morning! The optician was particularly popular and a bit of crowd control was necessary at his door!

Please pray for our morning clinic tomorrow. Pray that we will be able to offer help to at least some of the villagers who present there. Pray also for those who have come forward at the meetings as they will be baptised tomorrow afternoon. Keep praying for energy, unity and health within the team.


















Is it Thursday already?

Is it Thursday already?

Message from Lynn Leitch

We can’t quite believe how quickly the week is passing! We had another extremely busy day in the clinic and we finished seeing all the children. We even included a nail bar at the exit door of the clinic today and the girls absolutely loved having their nails painted!

Tomorrow we will treat the pastors, Bible ladies and IREF staff.

Last night’s gospel meeting attracted hundreds and many people heard the word of God. Many more are expected this evening and there will be an invitation to come to the front at the end for prayer.

Please pray for tomorrow’s clinic, as adults can sometimes be more challenging to treat than children. Pray also for the team, that we are not overwhelmed by the enormous need we witness. Pray that we will be able to help some individuals and ease their pain.

Continue to pray for the preachers, who are preaching during the day and at the evening meetings. Pray that God will speak through them and bring people to Himself. Pray that the people who respond will be connected to a local church where they can be nurtured and discipled.



















Another busy day

Another busy day

Message from Lynn Leitch

We had a very busy day in the clinic, seeing 120 children and taking out 75 teeth as well as treating scabies, infected eyes and various other ailments. It’s difficult to see kids in pain but a real blessing to see them a few hours after treatment, in the playground, telling you how much better they feel!

Tonight is the first night of the gospel meetings and hundreds have gathered to hear the message. It’s humbling to see people seated on the ground, for hours, eager to hear God’s word!

Please pray for continued energy for the clinic team as the week goes on. Pray especially for the people who will become Christians this week. This will be difficult for many who are from a Hindu background. Pray also for the pastors as they prepare and preach every afternoon and evening for the next 3 days. Pray that God would use them in a powerful way and that the local police will not be offended by their presence.


First day in Repalle

First day in Repalle

Message from Lynn Leitch

We survived the overnight train journey and managed to get all our luggage off with the help of many college boys sent from Repalle.

The ‘hearty welcome’ from the children made the long journey seem so worthwhile. We were greeted with garlands and flower petals from a long line of excited kids who were all eager to find out our names and tell us theirs.

After breakfast we set up the clinic then had lunch before carrying out the first clinic with first and second class. Everything ran smoothly, despite a few tears over pulled teeth!

Tomorrow we will carry out a full day’s clinic then the gospel meetings will begin in the evening. Please pray for the busy clinics as some children become very anxious and the workers try to calm them and show compassion whilst administering healthcare.

Pray also for the 4 pastors who will preach at the gospel meetings and that God will prepare the hearts of the many thousands of people who will hear the message.

Clinics continue

Clinics continue

Clinics have continued today in earnest. As well as medical and dental check ups, there is also an on-site eye clinic. One of IREF’s evangelists snagged himself a new pair of specs which will certainly help him and his work in India.

Elsewhere, the girls of Class 7 got to sample the delights of the Post-Op recovery area, with 45 having been assessed.

There was also the opportunity for Nursing students to put their studies into practice as they ably assisted in taking height and weight measurements.

All in all, a busy couple of days.








Clinics are now underway. During session one, some 61 children were seen, with 67 extractions required.

The first group were from classes 1-3 (equivalent of P1-P3).

A couple of the boys let curiosity get the better of them and sneaked a peak…bet they wish they hadn’t!

Clinics will continue throughout the day.