IREF Update 1

Liz Callander

Dear all

Arrived safely after good flights via Dubai to get here at 8.30am. Praise God all our baggage arrived safely which, as ever, was no mean feat.

Dee, Christie and Jonny had travelled down fom Repalle to meet us and it was lovely to catch up with them again.

Hot and sunny at a pleasant 30C, it was an easy ride from the airport to the YMCA as the roads were just a little quieter being a Sunday – it made it just a little easier to get around.

After a couple of hours we headed via yellow toot toot to visit the ever faithful Spencer Mall – not surprisingly we were very tight on what we could bring in way of food and a few essentials were required to keep a couple of people going.

The USA team arrive in at 11.30pm tonight (17 of them taking us to a team of 25 in total). The bus with 4 of the IREF boys will take all the luggage and drive overnight to Repalle over about 6 hours – please remember them tonight.

We have the day in Chennai on Monday – enough time to do a little sightseeing, maybe up to St Thomas mount or more shopping.

We take the overnight train to Repalle on Monday night, so please pray for that element of the journey. We should reach Repalle around 9am on Tuesday.

I’ll let Jim Leitch, on his first trip, sum up his first impression: the sultry heat, friendliness of the team and the warmth in the welcome fom Dee, Christie and Jonny and, surprise surprise, Jason’s organisation…

Night night from us all and a scotch pie wouldn’t go amiss!

Best wishes

From us all India 2012 UK team.