IREF update 7

Liz Callander

Dear All

Last report from India

Thursday morning we were reminded at devotions of Christ’s love for the poor. While we are surrounded here on a level few reading this will experience, we have done the job we set out to do, we have touched individual people and for them have made a difference.

We can all reach out in our own way
to the people we come in contact with and practice God’s love.

The medical team headed back to the Nursing School to collectively thank them for their support and give some gifts to the nursing students. For some it was an emotional time as we said goodbye to them.

A quick trip to the school to catch up on developments there and take some photos then we went sightseeing to the local blanket factory. Not quite mechanised yet but blankets are good quality. 14 years later the ones I bought then are still as bright and good as the ones we saw today. Good business done.

An IREF farewell is no small feat as 2,000 children and college students met in the college courtyard to say goodbye.

It was also Dee and Emmanuel’s wedding anniversary so became a double celebration – much to the amusement of all.

It’s always an emotional time saying farewell but none moreso than when it’s to several hundred children and friends that we have come to know over several years.

Let’s just say, the bus journey to Guntur where we were boarding the train was somewhat harrowing but we got the train as planned and arrived in Chennai at 7am this morning.

Off to do last minute shopping and then relax before we leave.

UK team leave for airport at 6pm local time and fly at 9.20am for Dubai where we have a 6 hour stop over to arrive in UK around 12 noon.

US team leave around 1am on Sat morning.

Indian folk who have been with us will return to Repalle on Saturday too.

Please pray for safety in travel for all as we look forward to home.

Praise God for all he has done over these last weeks.

Remember Dee and Emmanuel and the IREF family.

Thank you for your prayers, support and encouragement.