01 Oct

Annual BMS Harvest Appeal

8 October 2017

We are holding our annual BMS Harvest Appeal and light lunch this coming Sunday.

The project this year is titled “Wonderfully Made” and envelopes will be available in the pews on Sundays 1 and 8 October.

Please add your name to the list if you want to come for lunch.

05 Oct

Meeting Need in His Name

Taken from the intimation sheet – 5 October 2014 

Every year on Harvest Sunday we take the time to give thanks for the Lord’s faithfulness to provide for our needs and pray for those serving in Jesus Name to meet the needs of others. Our focus is always on the work of the Baptist Missionary Society – in recent years we’ve highlighted their work providing clean water in Haiti, helping people to grow crops in Uganda and bringing about reconciliation in war-torn  Mozambique.

This year our focus is on meeting spiritual need – particularly in India. Read More

18 Sep

Harvest Sunday

Sunday 7 October 2012

Our Harvest Service will again support the work of the Baptist Missionary Society (BMS). This year, the theme is simply called ‘Thirsty’.

Over a billion people worldwide have no choice but to use dirty water to drink, cook and wash with. We will leans about BMS’s work in clean-water projects in Haiti and offer our financial and prayer support.

The Harvest Service will be suitable for the whole family and will be followed by a sit down lunch in the Church hall.