Election of new Deacons

We are conducting an election for new deacons and are seeking nominations. The process is simple and we would ask you to prayerfully consider if you feel able to serve the Church in this way.

All members over 21 years of age and who have been members for at least three years are eligible.

If you are willing to serve you will have an informal interview with two of the deacons. This will simply be to clarify the role and ensure you understand the commitment. Your name will then go forward to the membership on a ballot paper.

We are seeking an additional three deacons, therefore the three candidates who receive the most votes will be elected, providing they also achieve at least 50% of the votes cast.

Please approach any of the existing deacons if you need to understand the process more or have any other questions.


4 September 2011: election announced

11 September 2011: self-nomination letter distributed

9 October 2011: deadline for returned nomination papers

9 – 23 October 2011: all candidates informally interviewed by two deacons

23 October 2011: ballot paper given to all members, asked to vote for maximum of three deacons. To be returned by 6 November 2011.

13 November 2011: results announced