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First day in Repalle

First day in Repalle

Message from Lynn Leitch

We survived the overnight train journey and managed to get all our luggage off with the help of many college boys sent from Repalle.

The ‘hearty welcome’ from the children made the long journey seem so worthwhile. We were greeted with garlands and flower petals from a long line of excited kids who were all eager to find out our names and tell us theirs.

After breakfast we set up the clinic then had lunch before carrying out the first clinic with first and second class. Everything ran smoothly, despite a few tears over pulled teeth!

Tomorrow we will carry out a full day’s clinic then the gospel meetings will begin in the evening. Please pray for the busy clinics as some children become very anxious and the workers try to calm them and show compassion whilst administering healthcare.

Pray also for the 4 pastors who will preach at the gospel meetings and that God will prepare the hearts of the many thousands of people who will hear the message.



After three days in transit, braving the wilds of Glasgow, the bustle of Chennai and the cramped conditions of the Indian public transport system, the intrepid travellers have made it to Repalle.

The team were welcomed in the usual way, adorned with colourful garlands and greeted by many of the children housed at IREF.

Preparation will now begin for the clinics which will start in the next couple of days.













The American team arrive

The American team arrive

Message from Lynn Leitch

We have now met up with the American team (11 of them). We had some time together after breakfast introducing ourselves and Craig Darling led some devotions. After lunch we are planning to go on a trip up St Thomas Mount before having dinner and heading to the station for the overnight train to Repalle.

Please pray for the train journey… particularly because we are having to take all our suitcases on the train ( they are usually taken by truck separately) so there will be a lot of logistics in terms of trying to find space on a very cramped train for an enormous amount of luggage and in terms of trying to get it all off the train in a 60 second stop!

We are very much looking forward to getting to Repalle now though!


The group arrives

The group arrives

The intrepid travellers have now made it to Chennai safe and sound… along with all their luggage!

Praise God for his faithfulness and remember the team as they relax in Chennai and adjust to being back in India.

Also pray for the IREF friends who will be in Chennai to meet and accompany the team to Repalle.

Pray for the US team as they fly to Chennai today.


Out and about in Repalle

Out and about in Repalle

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”…or in this case, Jason.

Having worked tirelessly, the group of volunteers decided on a little night out sampling the delights of downtown Repalle.

A little retail therapy was enjoyed by all, be it food, jewellery or a new shirt…ready in 24hrs!








Church in Repalle

Church in Repalle

This morning the group of volunteers attended the Church in Repalle that has close links with Airdrie Baptist.

With a 9am start, the congregation was still in full voice singing at 11am.

The volunteers will be called during the morning service at Airdrie Baptist; come along and hear from them at 11am.






A hearty welcome

A hearty welcome

Our intrepid travellers have now arrived in Repalle. Having survived a journey on the train, with all the facilities it offered, they arrived at 6am to a hearty welcome at IREF.

The team were presented with colourful flowers garlands / malas (it remains to be seen if Jim Leitch will bring his to church on his return) and Emmanuel prayed for them as they arrived.

The children of IREF were also there to greet the volunteers. They will all receive medical and dental check ups over the coming weeks…let the work commence!