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Sunday in Repalle

Sunday in Repalle

Message from Lynn Leitch

This morning we went to church about 10.30. The service actually started for the Indians at 9am but we were excused from the start. It finished at 1pm!! We’ve been very humbled by how long people (including 5 year old children) sit and listen to God’s word.

Everyone who was baptised yesterday received a Bible at the service and Jason helped present some of these, which was lovely. Jason and Jim also helped serve communion… a major operation!! We also met the Bible lady from Ullipallem, who had travelled to be at the service. We were able to tell her again about the bond between our fellowships.

After lunch, we tried to link up with you but, as you know, it wasn’t too successful! We were so disappointed! It was lovely, at least, to hear our kids say hello.

Tonight, the children and young people in the orphanage had a service of thanksgiving for this week’s meetings. Many of them shared what they had learned. One girl told how she is from a very high caste Hindu family but she became a Christian and was baptised. Her family are very unhappy but she says she is happier than she has ever been. Please pray for her future.

Tomorrow, we are taking the clinic to one of the new Child Development Centres where there are about 80-100 kids. We need to do this in the evening as they only attend the CDC after school. Pray for safe travel there and a smooth clinic. These children will have had little to no healthcare before!



Harvest Sunday

Harvest Sunday

Sunday 7 October 2012

Our Harvest Service will again support the work of the Baptist Missionary Society (BMS). This year, the theme is simply called ‘Thirsty’.

Over a billion people worldwide have no choice but to use dirty water to drink, cook and wash with. We will leans about BMS’s work in clean-water projects in Haiti and offer our financial and prayer support.

The Harvest Service will be suitable for the whole family and will be followed by a sit down lunch in the Church hall.

Sunday at IREF

Sunday at IREF

Sunday started with a trip to Church…a 4.5hr trip to church! Afterwards, the congregation of 3000 posed outside for a photograph…stopping the traffic in the process.

Following this, the volunteers got to tour the Degree College at IREF with the College Principal, Ratna Prasad. They met Physics students who were preparing for an exam tomorrow.

Evening devotions were led by our very own Jim Leitch…a captive audience of a mere 1000 people!