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Kirsty Lee is our new Youth Worker

We are delighted to announce the appointment of a new Youth Worker at Airdrie Baptist. Kirsty Lee will take up the new role in July 2017 and will be with us two days a week.

Kirsty will work with the Youth Fellowship on Friday nights and will also run the Bible Class on a Sunday morning.

A Livingston native, Kirsty is currently studying Theology at the Scottish Baptist College in Paisley. She hopes to pursue a career in youth work when she completes her course.

We’re sure you’ll join us in welcoming Kirsty to the fellowship.

Youth Fellowship Gameathon

Youth Fellowship Gameathon

The Youth Fellowship (YF) are having a sponsored overnight in the Church on Friday 28 October 2011. This is to raise money for IREF.

From 7.30pm and through the night there will be a game played at all times. There will be a variety of games and activities and it promises to be lots of fun.

The doors will open from 7.30pm – 10pm for anyone who wants to come and support out young people and play some games with them.

For more information, please speak to Carol Foy, Dawn Arnott or Sandy McCracken.