We’re home….

We arrived in Glasgow last night about 7pm after a 19 hour journey. We were all very tired but happy to be welcomed by family and friends at the airport. Lindsey’s children even had a banner!! 

The entire trip was such a fantastic experience. There was great team spirit and we were all kept safe and healthy in the very different environment and culture.

We carried out 14 separate clinics and saw approximately 1000 people in total. Many people were so grateful for relief from pain and treatment that they would, otherwise, have found almost impossible to get. The nurses who worked with us were invaluable and we were so sad when we had to say goodbye to them. They became our friends.

The Youth conference was dynamic and eventful and it was a blessing  to see young people respond to the preaching and witness over 70 of them baptised in the Krishna River.

We have all grown and learned so much from the Indian people we met. Emmanuel and Dee Rebba and their family are an absolute inspiration and example to us all. We will never forget the last 2 weeks!!

The work continues and we should continue to pray for it!!