What an exciting day!

The excitement in today’s clinic;  Jason and I met our new sponsor girl…….I was showing a group of girls her photo asking if they knew her and she was in the group!! So thrilled to meet her. Her name is Kavya and IREF is looking after her because her mother died  recently and her father is disabled and can’t take care of her.

We also saw the girl sponsored by the Murphy family , Prathima, and she was beaming when we told her how much Katie prays for her!

This afternoon’s excitement was a trip to the Krishna River where we saw over 50 young people baptised. It was such a privilege to witness this! They have enormous faith.

This evening’s excitement was when Lindsey Clark took to the stage and gave her testimony to hundreds of people. She was calm, clear and spoke in a moving way about God’s work in her life. Dee also explained to the audience how Lindsey had stepped out of her comfort zone and how God has used her. She encouraged the Indian kids to trust God as Lindsey had.

Pray for children like Kavya and Prathima. Every child has a story and IREF provides all their basic physical needs and teaches them of the love of Jesus.

Pray that all the young people baptised today will be strengthened in faith and continue on the journey.

Pray for Emmanuel and Dee Rebba and their family as they beat the huge responsibility of the work of IREF. We are so inspired by their love and commitment to this ministry.