A busy couple of days

Yesterday was a great day as we worshipped in the Repalle church with the local congregation. The church was packed full! The U.K. and USA team even sang a song!! The women all wore beautiful saris and, for once, added to the vibrant colours of India. 

In the afternoon we returned to the Krishna River where about 20 more people were baptised.

In the evening, we joined in with the girls’ devotions and Jason and Gordon did an entertaining talk about trust. The girls loved it!!

Today we visited Pedalanka CDC and did a clinic for over 60 children. We ate curry from banana leaves before participating in a gospel meeting for the local villagers.

There are so many experiences in one day here. The people are tireless, committed and an example to us all!! 

Pray for us as we do one more clinic tomorrow in the orphanage for the college boys and begin to pack up equipment. We are already tearful at the thought of leaving some of the children and young people we have connected with….especially the nurses we work with every day!!