Another busy day

Message from Lynn Leitch

We had a very busy day in the clinic, seeing 120 children and taking out 75 teeth as well as treating scabies, infected eyes and various other ailments. It’s difficult to see kids in pain but a real blessing to see them a few hours after treatment, in the playground, telling you how much better they feel!

Tonight is the first night of the gospel meetings and hundreds have gathered to hear the message. It’s humbling to see people seated on the ground, for hours, eager to hear God’s word!

Please pray for continued energy for the clinic team as the week goes on. Pray especially for the people who will become Christians this week. This will be difficult for many who are from a Hindu background. Pray also for the pastors as they prepare and preach every afternoon and evening for the next 3 days. Pray that God would use them in a powerful way and that the local police will not be offended by their presence.