IREF update 2

Liz Callander

Dear All

Greetings from Repalle.

We arrived in Repalle on Tuesday morning at 7.30am following a unique train experience for most people. Let’s just say it’s not Scotrail though trains do tend to be on time.

We were met by children from IREF and welcomed with fireworks and garlands.

Following breakfast we headed to the school to set up the clinic and, no slacking allowed, saw classes 1 and 2 – 60 kids in total who were fairly healthy but with quite a few skin and dental problems.

No sooner had the clinic finish than we left for the 30 minute drive to Ullipalem. It was the 10th anniversary of ground breaking to build a church there.

The church, pastor and bible lady are supported by Airdrie Baptist Church and the child development centre is supported through sponsorship by people across the UK. It was good to be part of that service of celebration.

It was a very long couple of days with a lot of things achieved; we were glad of a good nights sleep.

There are 28 in the team (8 from the UK – all medical – and a doctor and 3 other nurses / health professionals from USA. There are also 4 Pastors and a few others who will be preaching and teaching children during meetings, as well as a painting group who are painting the boys dorm.

Wednesday saw us see 120 kids in the clinic, with a few issues that we’re trying to get advice on from medical staff in the USA courtesy of internet.

Tonight saw the start of the evangelistic meetings where around 3,000+ attended with more over the rest of the week. There were also several thousand insects!!! But hey that’s rural India for you…

Meetings started about 7pm, and we arrived around 8pm. Three sermons followed in English (then translated into Telegu) – these are not short sermons or meetings. Emmanuel made an appeal to see 300-400 people go forward. That was a real answer to prayer. Many people were prayed for and there was a real moving of God’s spirit in the meeting. We finished around 11pm.

Earlier in the day there had been visits from the police with a real concern that the pastors may not be allowed to preach on a tourist visa. Through a process things were sorted out but we are mindful of tightening procedures and Satan’s opposition in this country.

So far now on Thursday we have seen around 250 kids in the clinic and it is going well.

The plan is to finish seeing the children, then see evangelists, pastors and college students this week on Saturday.

Prayer Points

  • Please pray for health and strengh of the team -some are feeling a bit under par and most are still very tired.
  • Remember the pastors preaching tonight that they may speak with boldness and for all who will attend.
  • Pray for God’s protection in this situation that they will be covered by His grace and care.
  • Praise God for all that He is and will do here in this place.