Last clinic

Today we travelled to another new village for us. It was called Mollagunta. The people welcomed us with fireworks and a band. They were really pleased to see us and so grateful for the clinic.

This was an extremely poor village with no water. They have to travel four miles every day for clean water.

There is a church there and a connection with IREF and the pastor came and made us feel so welcome. The need was huge and we felt we could only scrape the surface.

At the end of the day we travelled back to the orphanage and packed up all the clinic resources to be stored away until the next visit. We then had prawn curry made by Emmanuel, which was delicious!

Tomorrow we will attend the nurses’ devotions in the morning. It will be so difficult to say goodbye to these young girls who have worked by our side since we got here. They are absolutely tireless, working extremely long days and never complaining. They are an example to us all.

We will have more farewells later in the afternoon / evening as we will go for the train to Chennai in the early hours of Thursday morning. It’s always hard to leave but we hope we’ve done a little good while we’ve been here.

Pray for all the people in that village today. Their lives are not easy at all and they need support. Pray that there might be a way to provide clean water there.

Pray that the church would thrive and that the pastor will be healthy and able to continue to lead the congregation.

Pray for us as we say our goodbyes tomorrow and for the kids and young people we leave behind.

Pray for Dee and Emmanuel as they carry the burden of looking after all these kids and this ministry on a daily basis. The work they do is nothing short of inspirational. They sacrifice so much to carry this out but they are dedicated.

Lastly, pray for safe travels to Chennai on Thursday and back to the UK on Friday.