Our oldest patient

Today’s clinic was busy, but particularly special, as we treated all the Ullipallem CDC kids and some adults from that village. We were able to remind them of the link with our own church and that we pray for them.

One little girl had a bad foot injury that was made worse by the fact that she had no shoes. Emmanuel and Dee’s granddaughter came to the clinic and gave the little girl a pair of her shoes… Christianity in action!

An old lady from one of the outlying villages came for dental treatment. She was 85! Our oldest patient so far. Lindsey comforted her and held her hand throughout.

The Youth conference has been going on all day and evening. Hundreds of young people are attending and are so enthusiastic about hearing God’s word. Many of them have already shared stories of how God has spoken to them.

Continue to pray for energy for the health team as people are getting a little tired. Pray that those who come through the clinic tomorrow will be calm and have their needs met.

Pray also for the youth conference and that God would speak through all the different sessions. It’s not easy to be a Christian in this culture and often means losing everything, including family.