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Good Friday joint evening service

Friday 19 April 2019, 7pm

This Easter we are holding a joint service with Airdrie Ebenezer Evangelical Church, Airdrie High Kirk, Caldercruix Church of Scotland and Plains Evangelical Church.

The speaker on the night will be Mark Nelson (Pastor at Plains Evangelical) while Ian McDonald (Airdrie High Kirk & Caldercruix C of S) and Ross Murphy (Airdrie Baptist) will also be taking part.

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Journey to the Cross

This Easter we are teaming up with other churches in and around Airdrie to host five services over five consecutive evenings.

Service details

Monday 26 MarchPlains EvangelicalRoss Murphy
Tuesday 27 MarchAirdrie BaptistPeter McLean
Wednesday 28 MarchEbenezer EvangelicalBilly Cruickshanks
Thursday 29 March*High Church C of SIan McDonald
Friday 30 March**Caldercruix C of SMark Nelson

All services will start at 7pm.

*Communion service, followed by tea and coffee
**Followed by light refreshments

The Hunt for Happiness and Hope…

The Hunt for Happiness and Hope…

Taken from the intimation sheet: 20 April 2014

As a young boy, I always went to church on Easter Sunday with a smile on my face. I knew there was a very good chance that the minister would incorporate an Easter Egg Hunt into his children’s talk and no matter how many chocolate eggs a boy has, there’s always room for one more. I was confident that armed with my intimate knowledge of the church building, my youthful energy, and my insatiable love for chocolate, if there was an egg to be found – I’d track it down. It was a great feeling when I found the treasure I’d been hunting for. Needless to say, I invariably left church on a Sunday afternoon with an even broader smile!

As we grow older we learn to be more subtle in our great chase for satisfaction, but we still spend our days hunting. We hunt for love, we hunt for meaning, we hunt for significance, we hunt for happiness and we hunt for hope.

Many people, indeed tragically most people, spend their days searching in all the wrong places, and some give up altogether. But the Bible assures us that all of these things and more are available, waiting for us to discover them. God created us with physical hunger and thirst, because food and water are there to be found. The same is true with our hunger for real happiness and lasting hope. Both of these precious treasures belong to those who give their lives to Jesus.

On the first Easter, Jesus died in our place, to take the punishment for our sins upon himself. Death was powerless to keep its grip on him, and on the third day he rose to life again. All who turn from their sins and place their trust in him are forgiven by God, and welcomed into his family forever. He doesn’t give us what we deserve- an empty, godless life and hell when we die. Indeed he gives them what we don’t deserve, a loving relationship with Him, an exciting adventure with God in this life, and a place in heaven with him when we die. Death will be powerless to keep its hold on us.

Where are you hunting for happiness and hope this Easter? If it’s in the Lord Jesus, then rejoice, he has risen, he has conquered death, he has proved himself faithful to his people and to his promises.

Have a joy-filled Easter, and make sure you leave the church with a smile on your face!

Yours in His service,


Holy Week services 2013

Holy Week services 2013

We will again be joining with our brothers and sisters from Plains Evangelical Church and Caldercruix Church of Scotland this year for three special Holy Week services.

Wednesday 27 March
Airdrie Baptist Church
Speaker: Alan McKnight

Thursday 28 March
Plains Evangelical Church
Speaker: George Donaldson

Friday 29 March
Caldercruix Church of Scotland
Speaker: Ross Murphy

Holy Week Services 2012

Holy Week Services 2012

We’re delighted to join with our friends from Plains Evangelical and Caldercruix Church of Scotland as we celebrate the life, death and resurrection of Jesus this Easter. Details of the services are below, all are welcome- come along and find out why the Easter message is so special!

Wednesday 4 April
Airdrie Baptist Church (Preacher Rev George Donaldson)

Thursday 5 April
Plains Evangelical Church (Preacher Rev Ross Murphy)

Friday 6 April
Caldercruix Church of Scotland (Preacher Rev Alan McKnight)

All services start at 7.30pm, tea and coffee will be served at the end and Friday will incorporate communion.