Today we travelled to do a clinic in a village called Utagundam. This is a village we have never been to before and there is no Christian witness there. It is an extremely poor village where people live in mud huts.

Emmanuel and Dee wanted us to go because one of the IREF Maths teachers grew up in that village and came to IREF as a schoolboy, then went on to get a Maths degree and become a teacher. He was the top Maths student at university.

He came with us and we met his family. It was felt that going to offer medical help would be a good testimony to the people.

The clinic was very intense and we saw 252 people in total. There are only 300 in the village! They were so thankful that we went and so grateful for all that we did for them. We all came back extremely tired but glad we went.

Please pray for these people who are mostly Hindus. Pray that they will realise the love we showed today was God’s love and that IREF could continue to connect with them and share the gospel.

Thank God for the work of IREF that literally changes the lives of the poorest of children like the young man from Utagundam!